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A Great Service leads to Product Sales

Learn how to use the UP-Sale

Get “your foot in the door” with the lower priced service sale.  Now you are in a perfect position to show how your product is the best solution for the need your prospect is experiencing!

A Great Product is Better still when it leads to Service Sales

Build Your Service Sales with Product Sales

I have heard that most auto dealerships make more money in the service department than the sales department.  Service provides a continual income stream while the product sale may be a one off unless it is a consumable product.

Suggested Business Idea

Selling Haircutting Scissors

Diamond Rose Shears, LLC provides premium quality shears to your local hair stylists and barbers.

The hair cutting scissors fall into the consumable product group for two reasons.  One, they do wear out over time.  And two, professional stylists and barbers “like” to get new shears.  Statistically they purchase one new pair per year on average.

Musashi and Sayuri Shears

Shear Display Case

Servicing Dull Scissors

The patented Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System is the only sharpening machine in the world that allows the operator to return the dull scissors to original factory specifications.

This is a great example for the “get your foot in the door” sales strategy.  Walk in any salon or barbershop to find dull scissors.  Working with the haircutter’s dull scissors is the perfect opportunity to show your new scissors.

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